I want to talk more about the awful “I don’t think they were really female…” “joke” that was made in the season finale. Beyond all the obvious reasons as to why that transphobic joke was terrible it struck me how out of character it seemed for Castiel to say. I’m curious as to why a “wave of celestial intent” would have much to say on human gender and why they would have anything negative to say about any gender variance at all. Cas has observed humans for literally centuries upon centuries, and while he has admitted to not having first hand knowledge of certain things, I highly doubt that people being transgender would have been something he lacked absolutely any knowledge on. It was established in the show that angels themselves aren’t necessarily gendered and that their vessels are not anything close to their true manifestations. I mean “wave of celestial intent” kind of implies being genderless. (The only character I ever remember making any remarks in reference to this was Dean when Raphael had to change vessels and Dean remarked, “Dude looks like a lady!”) So why? Why have a character who has explicitly stated that they are “utterly indifferent to sexual orientation” make a cheap and frankly gross joke about trans women? There hasn’t been any talk in ages canonically about how Castiel’s body is not really his body because it in effect is his body now and has become an integral part of his identity. So why put that scrutiny onto trans women? For a few cheap laughs? The only reasons I can think of are terrible writing and terrible transmisogyny. I really can’t even begin to say how disappointed and angry I was. It was a small moment of course, not even two seconds, but it was a big fuck up that must be acknowledged and should be discussed.

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    But we weren’t discussing the gay couple at the bar (though there are issues with that as well). We were discussing the...
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    The point my lovely is that as Cas gets more human, he picks up Dean’s biases. And they both got spanked by reality when...
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